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7 Factors to Consider When Installing Kitchen Countertops


Let’s be honest- even if we wake up early in the morning, our day starts the moment we take a sip from our coffee mug. However, would you like to brew your favorite hot beverage in a kitchen that is cluttered and not functional enough? Your kitchen is supposed to offer you an enjoyable cooking experience. If you feel that the space is no less than a mess lately, consider remodeling it as soon as possible. 

Homeowners choose to remodel and update their kitchen due to a lot of factors. According to a Statista report, it is quite evident that:

  • 42% of the individuals want to get rid of their old kitchen.
  • 36% of the homeowners remodel their kitchen because it has broken down or the condition has deteriorated.
  • 28% of them want to add a personalized touch to their kitchen.
  • 26% of the homeowners remodel their kitchen so that they can boost their home resale value.

Given that, remodeling your kitchen does not have to involve a lot of hustle and bustle. You can simply install marble kitchen countertops, cabinets and sinks to upgrade your space. All you have to do is get in touch with professional service providers- they will turn your vision into reality.

Most homeowners consider updating their kitchen countertops. After all, these are quite aesthetic installations that can make or break your kitchen’s overall appearance. If you are one of the individuals giving it a thought, we would like to share some factors that you must consider before replacing your kitchen countertops.

Let’s Explore the Factors at a Quick Glance

Below, we have outlined some pointers for you to take a look at: 

  • Focus on the Maintenance Factor

Installing a pretty countertop won’t make sense unless and until you consider the required maintenance. For instance, if you are planning to incorporate marble and granite countertops, paying attention to their upkeep is a must. It will restore their beauty and make your kitchen look new and polished!

  • Look for Durable Materials

While looking for affordable countertops in Crofton, ensure to invest in durable materials in the first place. You can rely on granite countertops- these strong materials are resistant to stains and scratches.

  • Invest in Heat Resistant Countertops

Do you need to do a lot of cooking at home? If that’s the case, look for quality kitchen countertops that are potent enough to deal with high temperatures. Again, marble and granite are indeed the best options to consider.

  • Stain Resistant Countertops Are Better Option

Your kitchen countertops often get exposed to stains and marks. However, if you choose materials such as quartz and granite, you need to worry a lot less about stain factors.

  • Keep the Kitchen Cabinet Designs in Mind

Yes, this is one of the most important factors to be considered when installing kitchen countertops. If you really want uniformity in your kitchen, make sure to keep the cabinet designs in mind. Always look for countertops that match the cabinet color schemes- take your time to explore the plethora of design and color options available.

  • Appearance and Aesthetics Matter

Countertops are indeed the focal point of your kitchen- that’s why you need to be careful while choosing the best one among the lot. For instance, if you are looking for something minimalistic and modern, investing in quartz countertops will be your best decision. For a high-end and traditional kitchen, marble and granite countertops are everything you are looking for.

  • Sink Configuration

Replacing your countertops requires you to focus on the sink configuration as well! If there’s a farmhouse sink in your kitchen, there is no need to replace it, as it sits below the countertop level. On the other hand, if your kitchen is equipped with a small kitchen sink in Crofton, you will have to make some adjustments along with plumbing reconfigurations. You can always seek assistance from your service providers as they are the right person to guide you through.

Maryland Granite- Get Quality Kitchen Countertops Today

These are some of the crucial factors that you must remember while looking for kitchen countertops. Once you are done making an informed decision, make sure to get in touch with Maryland Granite for further proceedings. Whether you are looking for the best kitchen sink in Crofton or countertops, you can always expect quality products from our end! Let’s get in touch for more information, contact us without any further ado.

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