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Marble Kitchen Countertops in Washington: A Comprehensive Guide to Selection, Installation, and Benefits


When it comes to selecting countertops for your kitchen, few materials can compare to the natural beauty and durability of granite. As a leading provider of granite countertops in Washington, we have seen firsthand how kitchen top granite in Washington elevates any kitchen with its rich colors, unique patterns, and unmatched longevity. 

Granite’s Rising Popularity for Kitchen Countertops  

Over the past decade, granite has surged in popularity to become the top choice for kitchen countertops. Homeowners are increasingly selecting granite over materials like marble, quartz, laminate, and tile. There are good reasons behind this growing preference for granite kitchen countertops across the nation.

For one, few other materials can match the sheer beauty of natural granite. With stunning variations, tones, and movement, every granite slab is entirely unique. From bold, dramatic patterns to more subtle, earthy tones, granite delivers sophisticated elegance to any kitchen design. 

Beyond aesthetics, granite is highly functional and durable. As one of the hardest natural stones on earth, granite is virtually indestructible under normal kitchen use. It resists scratches, stains, heat, and chips exceptionally well. While no material is completely impervious, granite holds up better than most alternatives. That durability translates into excellent value, as granite countertops will last for decades with proper care.

Granite Enhances Kitchen Value and Appeal  

Given its beauty and longevity, it comes as no surprise that granite countertops also enhance resale value. Home buyers recognize granite as a premium feature that adds both aesthetic appeal and real value. Investing in granite countertops is an easy way to increase a home’s worth.

Additionally, few materials match granite’s timeless, classic elegance. While trends come and go, granite counters retain their sophisticated charm year after year. That versatility to fit seamlessly into traditional or contemporary kitchens also broadens granite’s appeal to home buyers. Understated earth tones suit more traditional spaces, while bold granites bring modern drama.

With this winning combination of aesthetics, functionality, and value, it becomes clear why granite reigns supreme for today’s luxury kitchen countertops. For homeowners aiming to elevate their kitchen design, granite delivers on all fronts.

Considerations When Selecting Granite Kitchen Countertops  

With thousands of unique granite slabs to choose from, settling on the perfect one for your kitchen requires some consideration. Keep the following factors in mind when exploring granite options for your kitchen remodel or new construction:

  • Color & Pattern

As a natural material, every granite slab offers an utterly unique color palette and patterning. Granites range dramatically in appearance from solid black slabs with few variations to exotic, vividly colored slabs displaying wild, artistic movement. Consider your cabinetry, flooring, appliances and wall paint selections when selecting a granite color. Bold granites make dramatic focal points, while more uniform slabs blend seamlessly into an integrated design. Be sure to examine full slabs in person to best judge the overall visual impact. Pictures simply do not capture the nuances accurately. 

  • Finish 

Granite’s finish also affects its aesthetic significantly. Polished finishes offer a high-gloss shine that reflects light beautifully. They work well for elegant, formal spaces but require frequent sealing. For a more muted appearance, consider a honed or leathered finish. These satiny options hide fingerprints and feel smooth to the touch. Flamed finishes provide slightly more grip and hide smudges well. Compare granite samples to envision how different finishes complement your kitchen’s particular look and needs.

  • Edges & Thickness

Granite edges play a subtle but impactful role in kitchen design. Standard square edges deliver clean lines, while beveled edges soften the look slightly. Ogee, dupont and waterfall edges add dramatic flair for contemporary spaces. When selecting edge profiles, consider adjacent cabinetry and flooring to ensure cohesive lines and proportions. The standard thickness for kitchen granite is 3cm. Go thicker if planning a significant overhang or waterfall edges.

  • Seams

Since granite slabs come in limited widths, seams are typically necessary to accommodate typical kitchen lengths. Skillful fabrication and installation should render seams barely perceptible. Strategically place seams in less visible spots and near appliances for optimal look. Seams placed near sinks or cooktops risk more visibility from spills and frequent use. We guide clients on ideal seam placement for their unique kitchen layouts.

Why Choose Local for Granite Kitchen Countertops?

While big box stores and online retailers offer granite, purchasing something as permanent as countertops sight unseen comes with risk. Granite has so much natural variation that the slab you preview online likely differs from the actual installed piece. Equally concerning is the lack of accountability with online retailers if anything goes wrong.

By selecting a reputable local company for granite kitchen countertops in Washington, you remove that uncertainty and ambiguity. At a family-owned local business like ours, you can preview exact slabs before committing. Our expertise also proves invaluable as we help clients navigate the many decisions surrounding granite selection, fabrication and installation. With nearly 30 years of experience locally fabricating and installing granite countertops, we stand behind our artistry with pride.

As your local granite provider, we also give back to the community that supports our livelihood. We source our granite both domestically and abroad, selecting only environmentally conscious suppliers who follow fair labor practices. And we actively participate in local charitable initiatives because strengthening our community matters.

When you choose local for your marble kitchen countertops in Washington, your dollars stay closer to home to support jobs and businesses in your neighborhood. And your kitchen gains a high-quality, bespoke focal point crafted specifically for your space. For the best kitchen custom countertops, Washington DC has to offer, choose local.

The Premier Destination for Granite Countertops in Washington 

With Maryland Granite most extensive selection of granite slabs from around the world at affordable prices, our showroom enables you to find your perfect countertop match. At over 2,500 unique slabs of granite, quartz, and marble, you are sure to discover your ideal aesthetic. Our family has curated inventory from the most reputable quarries to offer exceptional quality and variety. 

Beyond unparalleled options that Maryland Granite gives you, our custom fabrication shop and experienced installers deliver incredible service. Let us transform your goals for new kitchen countertops into reality. With precision digital templating, cutting-edge fabrication equipment, and expert installation, we help breathe new life into your kitchen. For new construction, we work directly with builders and homeowners to fulfill granite visions from the ground up.

Our customers repeatedly rave about our customer service and attention to detail. Maryland Granite stands behind every job 100% and will only rest once you are fully satisfied. That commitment to excellence shows in our near-perfect review scores. When you want the best kitchen marble countertops Washington DC offers, choose the region’s premier countertop destination.

With 30 years of experience locally serving Anne Arundel County, we pride ourselves on quality work, integrity, and giving back to our community. Contact us today to explore how we can make your dream kitchen a reality with stunning granite countertops fabricated and installed to your exact specifications.

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