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Tricks and tips for designing an open kitchen – Part 1


Why design an open kitchen?

There are several benefits to investing in an open kitchen. Whether you’re tired of looking at that same old design or you want you want a kitchen that truly meets the needs of your family, designing an open kitchen is really a smart move.

For starters, open kitchens are quite popular these days, and homes that have them tend to sell for a lot more on the market. People love them, and when you design one of your own, you’ll more than likely increase the overall value of your home by quite a lot.

Another benefit to having an open kitchen is the extra room they provide. Has your family grown over the years? By designing an open kitchen, you and your loved ones will be much more comfortable during those memorable family dinners. It’s hard to appreciate a nice meal in a small, stuffy room. Start enjoying your family in a much more relaxing environment.

Lastly, open kitchens are great for having guests over and hosting dinner parties. Open kitchens give your guests the ability to socialize in the most comfortable manner possible. You can walk around and serve appetizers without having to worry about bumping into anybody. Open kitchens are casual, effective, and can be personalized to meet your specific tastes.

First determine what your budget is

Now that you’ve decided an open kitchen is right for your household, the first thing you’ll want to do is establish a budget. Skipping this step and racing into the project will typically lead to unnecessary frustration down the line. It’s important to know what your specific price range is. This will keep your goals realistic and within your limits.

Once you have established your budget, you can then start thinking about the design, the colors, and the products that are available within your price range. You’ll also want to make sure that you keep your eyes open for sales on quality products. Most home improvement stores have good deals on Black Friday and other times of the year.

Choose your design

When choosing the design for right for your household, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration. First, how much room do you need? Bigger families will obviously need more room than smaller families, but if you’re planning on having more children in the future, you’ll want to add that to the equation.

Second, you’ll also want to consider what you’ll be using the kichen for. Clearly, the kitchen is where your family eats and spends time together, but what else will you be doing in this area. For instance, if you enjoying hosting dinner parties, you may want to consider an island where you can lay the appetizers and drinks on. On the other hand, maybe you like hosting formal dinners. In this case, you would probable prefer a large wood table instead of the island.

When choosing the right design for your home, it really all boils down to what you like and will be using this area for. However, the 5 most common designs include:

Ø  One-wall design: Everything is fixed on a single wall. This design is very common in studios and galleries.

  • L-shape design: This design is typically used in smaller kitchens and allows you to take advantage of corner space.
  • Horseshoe design: Traffic is minimized with this design and works really well for people who enjoy throwing dinner parties and other social events.
  • Island: This is a countertop in the middle of the kitchen area. Perfect for laying appetizers, drinks, and condiments on.

Ø  Peninsula: Two or more islands hooked together in a specific design. Excellent for anyone wanting additional counter space.

Although these designs are great, you’ll also want to consider a few other things when drawing up your plans. First, the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink are the three most common areas used in the kitchen. So, they shouldn’t be more than a few steps from each other. The stove can be a little further away, but it should still be in the same area.

Second, consider putting in a window right above the sink. A window will give the room that special something while also letting in natural light. If a window is out of your budget, you can also add a stylish light above the sink. This additional light will make cleaning your countertops a much easier job as well.

Third, don’t add too much. A lot of homeowners get excited and go overboard. This is especially true for smaller kitchens. You really want to take the amount of space you have to work with into consideration when designing your open kitchen. Too many appliances can definitely ruin the comfortability of the area.


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