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Tricks and tips for designing an open kitchen – Part 2


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Choose your supplies


Like mentioned earlier, you’ll need to choose products that are within your budget. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make your open kitchen look amazing without having to spend a fortune. For starters, nothing makes a kitchen look better than quality countertops. Products like granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, and glass can cost quite a bit. Fortunately, there are some affordable options at a lower price. Consider the following examples.

Formica silver quartzite is a great alternative to engineered quartz. Not only does it come at a lower price, this unique material resembles quartz in many ways. It’s also strong, durable, and comes in quite a few styles.

For those that love soapstone, Formica Soapstone Sequoia is a fantastic alternative. This material resembles soapstone, looks great, and has the reliability of laminate. How about glass? Glass is also a very common material amongst homeowners, but it also comes with a healthy price. 3form Chroma is a material that has the appearance of glass but is available for much less. The best part? 3form also comes in a wide array of colors.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, you have the more expensive materials. Some of the most expensive include marble, quartz, granite, and wood. Although these materials cost a lot higher, they’ll also increase the value of your home and enhance the overall beauty as well.

Flooring / Tile:

Just as with the countertops, you have a choice between both affordable and expensive options. Materials like laminate, cork, parquet, and vinyl come at a very reasonable price whereas wood, granite, and marble is quite a bit more expensive.

Besides budget, you’ll also want to consider how much traffic you have in your home when choosing the right kind of flooring for your open kitchen. For example, if you have high traffic in your home, carpet might not be the best option. It’s had to keep clean and maintain. Tile or laminate on the other hand would be a better option.


Cabinets are divided into two groups, standard and custom. Custom cabinets are much more expensive whereas standard cabinets are more affordable for people who are on a budget. Other factors that will affect the price include the type of material used. Hard woods like maple, cherry, ask and hickory are more expensive than softer woods like pine, fir, and spruce.

When choosing the right cabinets for your open kitchen, you’ll first want to decide what your specific needs are. Figure out how much storage you’re going to need and the overall purpose of them. In addition to this, you’ll want to choose a material that goes with the overall style of the kitchen. Third, decide whether you want custom or standard styled cabinets. Lastly, always consider your budget.


When choosing the right kind of appliance for your kitchen, you’ll again want to consider what you’re going to be using this area for. For example, mini bars and beer coolers are a very stylish addition for people who enjoy hosting parties. On the other hand, a built-in pizza oven is a great choice for households that enjoy family movie nights. You really have to consider what your needs are.

When installing your appliances, you’ll also want to take some time to really thing about the placement of your appliances. Like mentioned earlier, the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink should be within a few steps of each other. This will make the job of the cook much easier while also minimizing traffic.

Hire a professional to handle your project

Now that you know what your budget is, the kind of design you’re interest in, and the kind of materials and appliances you want in your open kitchen, it’s time to call a professional to transform your dreams into a reality. Unless you’re a professional yourself, it’s always best to hire a company who knows what they’re doing, especially if you have walls that needs to come down.

When trying to decide what company to go with, it’s important to look at their resume and read what past customers have to say about their services. You can usually find these things on a company’s website or Facebook page. Follow the tips here in this article and start to design your brand new open kitchen.

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