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What Color Cabinets Go Best With Black Granite Countertops?

Modern kitchen design with black granite countertops and dark cabinetry

Black granite countertops bring a timeless sophistication to any kitchen. These classic countertops are so striking that it can be difficult to decide what color cabinets go best with black granite.

Black granite countertops complement most color kitchen cabinets, from white shaker style to ultra-sleek steel cabinets. Dark cabinets can also go with black granite, while gray and natural wood cabinets add warmth to the space. For bold colors try rich shades of hunter green or navy-blue.

On this page, we look at what color cabinets to use with black countertops in more depth.

Modern kitchen design with black granite countertops and dark cabinetry

Should cabinets be lighter or darker than countertops?

Whether cabinets should be lighter or darker than countertops will largely depend on:

  •       how much natural sunlight the kitchen gets
  •       how large or small the space is
  •       whether the kitchen is open plan or enclosed

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen with large windows that gets lots of natural light, you can go for an overall darker look for your kitchen and install dark countertops and cabinets. Kitchens that don’t get a lot of natural light, or are small, would benefit more from having lighter colored cabinets.

Black granite countertops work well in open plan kitchens with dark cabinets, as open plan designs provide more natural light and feel much more spacious compared to enclosed kitchens.

Cabinets that are lighter in shade than black countertops are a classic choice that open up the space in a kitchen. If you go for cabinets that are lighter than the countertop, you can still add darker shades, such as warm copper lighting or rich color paint on the walls.

Cabinets that are nearer in shade to black countertops really bring drama and sophistication to the kitchen. Dark wood cabinets, such as walnut, will bring a warmth and organic feel to the kitchen, and traditional colors such as dark green or navy-blue work well in more traditional homes.

Are black granite countertops out of style?

Black granite is rich and elegant and will never go out of style. It’s a timeless choice for the kitchen and, depending on the color cabinets and decor you choose, this natural stone can be warm and welcoming or modern and sleek.

While black granite never goes out of style, you may find that you want to update the rest of your kitchen décor from time to time. As granite is so expensive (and heavy!), you probably won’t want to change it for many years. One thing you can do to ensure your black countertops are timeless is to install a classic backsplash to complement the countertops. Trends for patterns and colors change but a classic plain black backsplash will never go out of fashion.

What color paint goes with black granite countertops?

Most paint colors go with black granite countertops, but some shades work particularly well:

a beautiful luxury kitchen with black countertops and white cabinets

Gray paint

Whether you choose gray for your cabinets or walls, it complements black granite perfectly, particularly if you’re going for a warm and contemporary look for your kitchen.

Neutral shades of paint

Neutral shades range from cream and beige through to grays and browns. Neutral shades are designed to be a backdrop to the rest of the room, and they will contrast beautifully with black granite. Neutral colors bring more warmth to a space than white paint, so work well in more traditional or farmhouse style kitchens. The neutral tones of cream and beige never go out of style.

Blue paint

Blue is one of the most versatile paint colors as it can be bold or neutral, warm or cool, depending on the shade you choose. Darker shades of blue work well with black granite countertops and traditional wooden cabinetry. Lighter, paler shades of blue help create the perfect backdrop for letting your kitchen countertop take center stage.

Dark green paint

Dark green is one of the best shades of paint to use if you want to create a traditional heritage look for your kitchen. Rich hunter green evokes the feel of a country kitchen, and this darker shade will certainly add drama to your kitchen décor. Dark green hues look great with traditional dark wood cabinets.

Metallic paint

Warm-toned metallic shades soften the cool, sleek look of black granite countertops by bringing warmth to the kitchen. Rose gold paint, or paint with brass or copper hues bring a contemporary industrial feel to a space and you can add metallic toned accessories to tie the space together, such as brass faucets or copper lighting. 

What different types of black granite countertops are available?

Despite being called ‘black granite’, this remarkable natural stone has a range of different styles, so you can hand-pick the finish that’s right for your kitchen. Black granite varies from the striking and luxurious look of absolute black granite to black granite with specks and hues of other colors such as gray, green, and white.

As granite is a natural stone, each piece is a one-off, so your kitchen countertop will be truly unique.
Two of the most popular types of black granite are Absolute Black and Uba Tuba.

Absolute Black granite is quarried in India and has a consistent black base with flecks of silvery white. The high gloss finish of Absolute Black shows off the natural beauty of this elegant stone.

Uba Tuba is mined in Brazil and is a gorgeous granite that not only comes in black, but shades of green and brown. This granite has crystalline specks of gold, brown, white, or turquoise, which means each piece is uniquely beautiful. To find out more about the unique qualities of Uba Tuba, read our blog to see why it’s such a great choice for black granite kitchen countertops.

What accessories complement black granite countertops?

Now you know what color cabinets complement black granite countertops, you can look at what accessories you might want to include in your kitchen design.

Metallic tones work wonderfully with black granite and are worth considering if you want to add some glamour to your kitchen. Accessories such as faucets, lighting, door handles, and exposed piping add warmth and glamour when gold, brass or copper is used, and steel accessories help create an industrial look.

Pendent lights will really highlight the beauty of the granite and create a focal point for the space.
If you want to create a rustic, homely look in your kitchen, then wood is the way to go. The warm tones of rich oak wood will create a welcoming space. It could be as simple as adding some wooden bowls or plant pots, or you may want to include a wooden floor as part of your kitchen refurbishment.

Pale wood and natural fibers, such as rattan, wicker, and faux fur throws, can soften the look of black granite countertops and bring the warmth of Scandi design to the space.

To sum up, black granite complements most color cabinets, from bright white to the darker tones of blue and green. If you’re considering incorporating a black granite countertop in your kitchen and live in the greater Washington D.C. area (DMV), speak to our friendly team at Maryland Granite for a free estimate for your countertop project.

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